Monday, June 12, 2006

Hellerup Havn

The ship berths at Langelinje Pier. We are soon ashore and waiting for our first Visit to Copenhagen.

There are two small buses with ramps at the rear for access. They each have space for about four folding chairs, whose occupants can move into conventional seats, and two confined wheelchair users. I get a seat at the front, but Christine is stuck at the back in her chair and doesn't have a very good view.

We drive first north out of the city through the suburb of Hellerup.

Taking photographs through vehicle windows is never ideal, but sometimes the results are quite interesting. I was trying to capture the roadsign. I never saw the image of what was on the opposite side of the road being reflected in the window until I downloaded the picture.


John said...

yEs. Interesting reflections. Thanks Gerald.

Anna MR said...

Very nice, somehow reminiscent of Escher maybe?